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*The Bend selects Champion's Ride Days as preferred supplier for motorcycle ride days!!
*The Bend FAQ's

*Kawasaki Partnership Continues

*Cameras on Bikes

*New What If Cover

 THE BEND selects Champion's Ride Days as preferred supplier for motorcycle ride days!!

The Bend 2018




The Bend Motorsport Park selects Champion’s Ride Days to be the preferred supplier of Motorcycle Ride Days.

The Bend Motorsport Park is one of the most significant developments in Australian motorsport history. A state of the art, world-class motorsport facility, The Bend will deliver an exhilarating experience for all riders.

With a National presence, and close to 20 years of ride day experience, Champion’s Ride Days are thrilled to have the opportunity to enjoy bikes at The Bend. Scott Osborne from Champion’s Ride Days said “The Bend Motorsport Park is somewhere every rider needs to come and experience. Dr Shahin has made sure the circuit captures every element of enjoyment.”

“With such a smooth surface, undulations and camber corners, it is going to blow every riders mind!! This track will be more than a Bucket-List, it will be a regular trek for lovers of ride days nationwide.”

With Champion’s Ride Days offering Freight Packages, Interstate Tours and of course their ever-popular Kawasaki Hire Bikes, The Bend Motorsport Park will tick the box for everyone. Whether you bring your own bike, get it freighted in the Champion’s transporter or fly in with some mates and the clothes on your back to hire a brand new Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10, Ninja ZX-636 or Ninja 400, there are no excuses now.

Champion’s Ride Days first date on The Bend:

Mon 23 April, 2018
Plus Sun 20 May & Mon 21 May and Sun 17 June & Mon 18 June listed on the calendar with plenty more to come!

Motorcyclists will ride the International Circuit which is 4.97km of awesome! The main straight is an exhilarating 1.0km long, plus throw in 17 corners and FIM-spec track width to wrap your head around, this circuit is something to experience.

The Bend General Manager (Operations) John Clark said “We are delighted to have Champion’s Ride Days as the preferred supplier for all our Motorcycle activity here at The Bend Motorsport Park. It has been 5 years of liaising with Champions to make it the best it can be” Additionally when asked about motorcycles at The Bend, John said “April 2018 will be a great month for bikes at The Bend with the ASBK test, then the Asian Road Racing Championships and ASBK together, followed by Champion’s Ride Days on the Mon 23 April. It will be very busy”.

Champion’s Ride Days will unleash a huge amount of exciting news over the coming weeks as future dates, tours and bike events become locked in.

For more information:

 Champion’s Ride Days website

 Book your Spot Now for 23 April

 Champion’s Ride Days Facebook

 The Bend Facebook



The Bend FAQ's 

 DJI 0012

The Bend Motorsport Park FAQ Sheet

 With a brand new circuit there is lots to learn and discover. As more information comes to hand, Champion's Ride Days will update the FAQ's sheet. Enjoy!

Where is The Bend Motorsport Precinct?

 Tailem Bend is 1 hour out of Adelaide (100kms from the Capital)

 The Bend address: Mallee Hwy & Dukes Hwy, Tailem Bend, SA 5259

Which circuit configuration will Champion’s Ride Days be running?

 International Circuit – 4.97km which includes an awesome 1.0km straight & 17 corners to wrap your bike around!

 International Circuit is the main circuit for motorcycles, as the large GT circuit is suited to cars at 7.7km long.
International Circuit


How much is a MA licence for the day?

 $40.00 per day MA licence Fee


How much to hire a garage from The Bend?

 $200.00 Per Pit Lane Garage (approx. 4 bikes permitted in one garage)

 $100.00 per Paddock Shed (approx. 2 bikes per shed)

 $100.00 per Paddock Carport alternate location (approx. 2 bikes per shed)

 All garaging payments are on the day via The Bend

Pit Lane  Pit Building


What time does it start?

 Track activity is from 9.00am-5.00pm per day.

 Gates open from 8.00am and close strictly at 6.00pm.


Will there be a Tyre Facility there?

 Yes the Dunlop tyre facility will be available at The Bend, for advice, sales and tyre changing.

Will accommodation be available?

 Rydges Pit Lane Hotel is currently being finalised and will be available for bookings for April 2018.

 Alternately Murray Bridge is the closest accommodation, or Adelaide.


Will fuel be available?

 Yes at the OTR service station onsite


Will Hire gear be available?

 Yes the full kit of Champions Ride Days hire gear including leathers, boots, gloves and helmets will be available.


Will Kawasaki Hire Bikes be available?

 Absolutely!! Book your hire bike and all the gear with Champion’s Ride Days todayJ

Kawasaki pits


For all other information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Manufacturer Partnership with Kawasaki Australia continues in 2018.

Champion's RIde Days is thrilled to announce the new partnership agreement with Kawasaki Australia. With an awesome new range of bikes to offer as our Hire Bike fleet, it is a fresh and exciting year ahead. 
Having 3 different models for you to choose from, at any of our ride days across Australia, everyone will be "green with envy":)

Hire Bike fleet will include:

* Kawasaki ZX-10R
* Kawasaki ZX-6R
* Kawasaki Ninja 300

This range of bikes enables everyone to have a great day at the track. From new riders to the advanced, we\'ve got you covered!

Check out the range on diisplay at a ride day near you!




"What If" Cover 

What If Cover is designed for you the rider, to purchase with your ride day spot. The purchase insures you against losing the cost of your ride day due to circumstances outside of your control.

Champions Ride Days understands that stuff happens, and we hope that this new option will give you the confidence to book in and know you are covered!


  • My bike parts dont arrive in time
  • It looks like rain
  • I am sick
  • I hurt myself at work
  • A family member/friend passes away
  • My work roster changes and now I have to work

Whatever the circumstances, the \"What If\" Cover gives you peace of mind that you have flexibility to move your ride day to another date on the calendar. It enables a credit to be issued for 12 months at no additional cost to you, no stress and no worries! You can use your \"What If\" Cover up until the Riders Briefing of the event that you have the cover for.

So $49.00 buys you no worries!!

What it doesnt cover is.....

  • Not turning up on the day
  • Crashing on the day at the ride day
  • Purchasing cover after booking has been made
  • Another rider not listed on the booking, non-transferable
  • No refunds

Grab some cover today and enjoy your next ride!!! 




At the following tracks, Broadford Raceway, Mallala Raceway and Barbagallo Raceway, Champions Ride Days runs the event under a Motorcycling Australia (MA) permit.

As of March 1st, 2013 the MA Recreational Day Licence will increase to $30.00. MA have endeavoured to keep the licence fee to a minimum for many years, and after 5 years have now increased the fee.

So if you have a current licence, you only  pay for the track day. 
If you dont, you pay for the track day + $30.

**REMEMBER: If you think that you will ride more than 4 times per year, then it may be more cost-efficient for you to buy a Recreational Licence ( Fee for year approx $120.00) and save your money with great discounts too!

For more information on getting an MA licence go to


Lakeside aerial



Lakeside Park Raceway Noise Restrictions

Lakeside Conditions

Champion\'s Ride Days has the delight in offering Queenslanders the opportunity to ride the historic Lakeside Raceway. After years of the circuit being closed, we are thrilled for motorcycles to be back! 

With safety being our main objective, we have successfully obtained 150m of airfence. Also to give Lakeside the respect it deserves, some terms and conditions do apply!

  1. Noise restrictions do apply*: ADR compliant standard exhaust systems only. No aftermarket exhaust pipes/mufflers or cans. All trackworthy bikes with ADR compliant exhausts will be accepted.
  2. No engine noise until 9am in the morning.* If the Council official deems your bike too noisy, no refunds/transfers can be given. The measure is 95dB trackside anywhere around the circuit.

Lakeside is a fast and commanding circuit and demands respect. Please ensure you give it the respect it deserves and enjoy yourselves!