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To ensure you get the most out of your day, it is important we grade our sessions to maximise your time on the track. All ride days are graded into 4 groups:

Red Group: Starter Have not done a ride day before, or not been at this track before, overtaking only on the outside in corners
Green Group: Intermediate Slow Have done a ride day before, overtaking only on the outside in corners
Blue Group: Intermediate Fast Experienced ride day rider, fast street rider, no overtaking rules apply
Yellow Group: Fast/Racer Racer and very experienced ride day rider, no overtaking rules apply.

You can only ride in the group you are graded into, however the groups are flexible. So, as you become more confident and competent throughout the day, or as you get more weary, you can move up or down a group. See the staff in the Sign-On office to change.




With various sponsors - such as Berik, Ipone & Shark Helmets - we have a massive range of products available at the track and online! Whether your oil needs topping up, your leathers are looking shabby or you'd just like a new T-Shirt, we've got what you need! Check out our online shop for our full range of products* - you might just save yourself some $$$$

*Please note Ipone products are not listed in our Online Shop - you'll just have to come to the track for all of your Ipone needs!


Dunlop Tyre Service

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At all Champion's Ride Days events across Australia, you will have access to a full Dunlop Tyre Facility including tyre changing, tyre pressure advice and tyres available for purchase. With qualified tyre technicians giving specialised advice on Dunlop tyres, you can ask any questions you have to ensure your best track experience!

When you go to the track, tyres are one of the key things to really think about & consider when riding hard & fast! Standard road tyres are for the road, they offer durability, longevity and all-round weather options. Track tyres are for speed, hard cornering, and grippy feedback so you can have confidence on the side of the tyre as well as in a straight line.

Dunlop offers the largest and most comprehensive range of tyres for the track and road, both treaded and slick options. Champion's Ride Days have tried and tested thousands of tyres with our  Hire Bike Fleet, Race Team and Instructors, all using and recommending the best tyres and compounds for each track.

With a hand-picked selection of tyres available at the track to suit most needs, you can rely on Champion's to give you great rubber! If you have a different spec bike/tyre, don't hesitate to contact us prior to your ride day, and we can special-order the right tyres for you too!

Please see below our current tyres available. These tyres change all the time as new compounds, types and upgrades of tyres become available in Australia. So keep an eye out for great offers, information and specials.

Dunlop Tyre Price List

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Having trouble with wear? See the Common Wear Types! Or if you're having trouble choosing the right tyres for you, check out our handy tyres guide.


"What If" Cover



What If Cover is designed for you the rider, to purchase with your ride day spot. The purchase insures you against losing the cost of your ride day due to circumstances outside of your control.

Champions Ride Days understands that stuff happens, and we hope that this new option will give you the confidence to book in and know you are covered!


  • My bike parts dont arrive in time
  • It looks like rain
  • I am sick
  • I hurt myself at work
  • A family member/friend passes away
  • My work roster changes and now I have to work

Whatever the circumstances, the "What If" Cover gives you peace of mind that you have flexibility to move your ride day to another date on the calendar. It enables a credit to be issued for 12 months at no additional cost to you, no stress and no worries! You can use your "What If" Cover up until the Riders Briefing of the event that you have the cover for.


So $49.00 buys you no worries!!

What it doesnt cover is.....

  • Not turning up on the day
  • Crashing on the day at the ride day
  • Purchasing cover after booking has been made
  • Another rider not listed on the booking, non-transferable
  • No refunds

Grab some cover today and enjoy your next ride!!! 




Champion's Ride Days prides itself on offering affordable ride days to all kinds of riders! To save yourself some money we have the Group Discount as well as a range of Packages available.

Group Discount - SAVINGS = $25 off each rider's spot. To be eligible for a Group Discount, you must book in a group of 10 or more, paying in bulk for all the positions at once. If you still have any questions please contact us on 07 3287 4144.

Packages - SAVINGS = varies depending on the package. See our online shop for the various packages available.