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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The one thing that Champion's Ride Days cannot control is the weather. If it rains or there is extreme heat, the day still goes ahead. Riders at all times must ride within their limits and those of the Track and their Motorcycle. It is your decision if you ride in part or all of the day, taking into account your riding ability, weather conditions and condition of your equipment and motorcycle. If you choose not to ride on the day, your monies will be forfeited and no rescheduling can be made.

If a day is deemed cancelled due to weather, you will be offered a 3 month credit  to move your booking to a convenient date for you.

Cancellation Policy

Due to a small minority abusing their privileges, the cancellation policy has changed. Regardless of the reason on the day (including weathers conditions, work requirements, family crisis, motorcycle problems, health problems etc) there are no refunds or reschedules (in part or in full) to another day. However we will allow a friend to replace your position on that day.

If you fail to attend a day that you have been booked in for, there is no refund or reschedule. Weather conditions, work requirements, motorcycle problems etc are not the responsibility of Champion’s Ride Days, and as such riders who do not attend will forfeit their monies.

More than one week (7+ days) prior to the event date you are entitled to cancel or reschedule. Within the one week (6 days from event date) prior to an event there is absolutely no refund or reschedule. Credits or reschedules are at Champion's Ride Days' discretion, and if given, must be used within 3 months of the event date. If a refund is approved and required a $12 admin fee is applicable.

GIFT VOUCHERS have a 3 month window to book a date for your ride day. You do not have to ride within the 3 month window, but you need to book. Champion's Ride Days offers you the opportunity to reschedule your date once, within our Terms and Conditions associated with changing a date. No further date changes or refunds can be issued.

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT Champion's Ride Days’ responsibility if you fail to attend, or if we deem you or your bike unfit to ride, you cannot ride or choose not to ride all or part of the day. Your monies will be forfeited.


For your safety, and the other riders on the day your bike will be scrutineered. If your bike fails scrutineering due to mechanical problems, tyres or noise restrictions and you cannot rectify the issue, your monies will be forfeited. It is NOT Champion's Ride Days responsibility if your bike does not meet the scrutineering requirements.


For your safety, full leathers are mandatory at all track days with Champion's Ride Days. The leathers can be one or two piece suits, as long as two piece suits zip together right around the body. Hire Suits are available for $75 for the day, which includes boots and gloves if required. 
If you do not have leathers, and choose not to hire leathers on the day, you will not be able to ride on your chosen day, and your monies will be forfeited.

Riders Licence & Age

You must present your licence (Road or Race) on the day. If you do not bring it, you may not be allowed to ride and your monies will be forfeited. Riders can ride under a Suspended Licence, if the relevant paperwork is provided. Please contact Champion's Ride Days for further information. ALL riders must be 16 years of age or older. If 16 years of age, they must hold a Motorcycling Australia Senior RR licence.


Champion's Ride Days prides themselves on providing to all of our customers and staff fun, safe and professional events. With this goal it is extremely important that all staff, customers and attendees act in a respectable and appropriate manner with everyone at the events and on social media. We have a zero tolerance for abuse, foul language, fraud, slander or any other inappropriate behaviour or conduct to staff, fellow customers, others attending our events and on social media.

The following policy applies to all;

- First incident will come with a 6 month exclusion for any Champion's Ride Days event 

- Second incident will come with a 12 month exclusion for any Champion's Ride Days event

- Third and final incident will come with a life exclusion for any Champion's Ride Days event


All prices advertised are Pre-Paid. Upon payment your spot is confirmed. If you pay on the day, your spot is not confirmed and if the day is booked out, you will miss out on riding. Booking prior to the day avoids any disappointment.


NO cameras are to be mounted on bikes or helmets at any Champion's Ride Days event. Spectators with cameras taking photos around the outside of the circuit are permitted.

Group Booking Discounts

These bookings are a great way to save money. The bookings need to be pre-paid prior to the day, and the names of all riders given to Champion's Ride Days, or full price will be required. A Group Booking is 6 riders or more. It is up to the Group to organize themselves, get their names together and pay together. Champion’s Ride Days is not responsible for your Groups organization and payment.

MA Licence Fees  

At the following tracks, Broadford Raceway, Mallala Raceway and Barbagallo Raceway, Champion's Ride Days runs the event under a Motorcycling Australia (MA) permit.

For many years Champion's Ride Days has subsidised riders by not asking for the One-Day Licence Fee. 

If you do not have a current Recreational or Race MA licence, you will be required to pay for the $25 Day licence at each event you ride (at only above-mentioned tracks).

So if you have a current licence, you only pay for the track day. 
If you dont, you pay for the track day + $25.

If you think that you will ride more than 4 times per year, then it may be more cost-efficient for you to buy a Recreational Licence ( Fee for year approx $100.00) and save your money with great discounts too!

Lap Timing Devices

In accordance with our track hire agreements, no lap timing devices are to be visible or used.

Riders Briefing

All riders must be present for the Riders Briefing at 9am. Your safety and the safety of others on the circuit is our main concern. Any rider who does not attend will not be allowed on the circuit, until a briefing can be arranged for you.  

Please Note  

Champion's Ride Days are unable to permit customers selling any products at our events. Champion's Ride Days offers customers a fantastic range of merchandise, riding gear and tyres at each event and through our online store.

Lakeside Raceway Additional Terms and Conditions 

To give Lakeside the respect it deserves, some terms and conditions do apply! 

1. Noise restrictions do apply: ADR compliant standard exhaust systems only. No aftermarket exhaust pipes/mufflers or cans. All trackworthy bikes with ADR compliant               exhausts will be accepted.
2. No engine noise until 9am in the morning.

If the Council official deems your bike too noisy, no refunds/transfers can be given. The measure is 95dB trackside anywhere around the circuit.

Lakeside is a fast and commanding circuit and demands respect. Please ensure you give it the respect it deserves and enjoy yourselves!!!

Champion's Online Shop Terms and Conditions 


  • Our product listings are as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, we take no responsibility for any errors which may occur within the listings
  • We reserve the right to alter our product details, pricing, and availability without further obligation 
  • Vouchers offering the 10% discount cannot redeem the additional coupon discount of 5%.
  • Tyre purchases cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discount


  • Customers wishing to return a recently purchased item, must first make contact with a member of staff to discuss their options
  • Motorcycle parts, accessories or fairings which have been modified or installed in any way are non-returnable
  • Returned items must be in the original packaging and condition 
  • Items must be returned within 14 days of receipt, with proof of purchase
  • A 10%  ($12 minimum) restocking fee applies to all valid and approved returns


  • All warranty claims are subject to the product-manufacturer’s terms and conditions 
  • We will assist in any warranty claim, however Champion’s Online Shop does not provide direct warranty on any item sold, nor is liable or responsible for product-manufacturers warranty rules or decisions
  • Any claim must be accompanied by proof of purchase, with original packaging where possible