Preparing for your ride day!

To make sure you have the best time possible, preparation is the Key!

In saying that, you can ride your bike to the track, turn in the mirrors and you are set to go! Here are some tips to assist your prep.

Bike tips!

  • * Check your tyres and pressures, make sure they have good grip and are not near the wear indicators
  • * Check your bike over for oil leaks, loose nuts and bolts etc
  • * Check your brakes, brake pads and master cylinder for leaks
  • * Check your throttle return is not sticky and grips are good
  • * Check your chain tension and lubrication
  • * Turn your mirrors in or tape them up
  • * Make sure you have a full tank of fuel

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Gear Tips!

  1. Check all your zippers work and the gear still fits 🙂
  2. Check that the leathers are one piece, or 2 piece that zip all the way around
  3. Boots need to be calf length, leather motorcycle boots
  4. Gloves need to be leather, and long enough to cover the wrist
  5. Helmet must be in great condition with no scratches, scrapes or damage.
  6. Helmet must have either Australian Standard sticker, ECE, Snell or DOT certification
Most of all make sure it is all comfortable and easy to move in, for great & enjoyable riding!

“So excited to meet people who love bikes too. Best day I have had in years. Thanks Champions!”

Monique, VFR400

Things to remember!!

  • Your bike key
  • Socks for your boots
  • Compression wear for under your leathers to keep cool
  • Back Protector is highly recommended
  • Online Waiver filled out
  • Additional fuel for the day
  • Chair to relax on between sessions
  • Cold water and snacks (canteen/café will be open)
  • Sunscreen, hat, jumper, beanie (weather dependent)
  • SMILE:) 
Book Your Hire Gear with us!

Champion’s hires out fresh and clean Leathers, Boots, Gloves and Helmets…
so if you need all of it or just some, we can help you out!

Family & Friends FREE!

These are great social days to enjoy with friends and family. Bring them out to watch, take pics and share your fun!!

It is FREE for spectators to come and watch….the more the merrier!

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