Tyres for the Track

Champion’s Ride Days has a complete Dunlop Tyre Facility at every ride day. Offering you advice on pressures, new tyres, tyre wear and a full fitting service.

Your tyres are the only things connecting you to the racetrack! You need to have confidence in their grip, feedback and ability to wear whilst on your ride day. The way you ride on the track is completely different to on the road, and so your tyres have a lot more expected of them!

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Whether it is your first ride day or your 50th time at the track, your tyres need to be checked for wear and tear. You will be going faster riding harder and relying on your tyres more than ever.

If you are riding your road bike, that you ride to work, do weekend rides etc then look for the following with your tyres:

  • Are they past the wear indicators?
  • Do they have heaps of tread on the sides and none in the middle?
  • Are they wearing unevenly?
  • Do they have a plug in them?
  • Have they been on the bike for years?

Tyres FAQ

Is your bike only for the track?

  • Are you running treaded or slicks?
  • What size rear tyre are you running?
  • Have you recently changed your suspension which has impacted tyre wear?
  • Do you use tyre warmers?
  • How many heat cycles have the tyres had?

Champion’s Highly Recommend Dunlop Tyres!

Dunlop Alpha 14 Tyre

The Alpha 14 provides upgraded handling performance thanks to the Special Pattern Design. It is great for riders who use their bike on the track and road. Offering superb handling and feedback.

The Special Profile helps with response and controllability while the Varying Belt Tension Technology gives you enhanced feedback from the road or track whilst providing more traction and anti-wearing performance. The Alpha 14 arrives with Dunlops newly developed CARBON compound in conjunction with the Multi Compound Technology.

Dunlop Sportsmart TT


Whether you’re carving through twisties or pushing yourself to the limit on the track, the SportSmart TT will you make you feel in command. Race-proven technology gives you extreme levels of grip and confidence – so you can push to your limits on track days, and enjoy the ride home.


Dunlop’s already-famous Dynamic Front Formula (DFF) has been optimised for the SportSmart TT, delivering fast and effortless handling on the road and the track.


At the track, NTEC technology allows the rear pressure to be lowered for an enlarged contact patch. This maximises mechanical grip for greater track performance.


Revolutionary Speed Vent Tread (SVT) uses aerodynamics to manage tyre temperature. The intricately angled grooves provide optimum footprint and grip and maximise air cooling as the tyre rotates.

Dunlop KR451 Slick Tyre

Dunlop’s N-Tec steel bead and its high-modulus bead apex combine to offer improved feel for the rider as the tyre nears its cornering limit, producing the “predictability” that has become a signature characteristic of Dunlop road racing tyres.
Riders love this tyre as it can be flipped to use both side of the tyre evenly! Very cost effective.

• Triple tread; super grip on the sides, cool running centre
• Zero growth; no need for major ride height changes
• Low pressure; for maximum contact patch
• KR451 is bi-directional using Jointless Tread application

“Keep Calm, Ride Strong, Trust the Rubber!”

Ask us for advice on your tyres today!


All of our Dunlop tyre fitters are professionally trained and happy to assist you with any of your questions or fitting queries. They will take care of your rims, change your tyres, balance your tyre and fit it to your bike, as required.

With 25 years of ride day experience, we know your confidence in your tyres, means maximum enjoyment!

If you would like to view our price list for tyres at the track click here!

If you would like to view the Manufacturers recommended pressures for the track click here!

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If you have the tyres already and just want them fitted at the track our pricing is:

Rim only – $25 per tyre
Removal off bike and change – $50 per tyre

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