Safety Points For Your Ride Day

Graded Sessions

Champion’s Ride Days wants everyone to have a great ride day experience. We offer flexibility within the groups, so riders can move throughout the day. It is key to grade the sessions to ensure the safety and fun for all riders. The pace and ability of everyone on track will be assessed throughout the day, and changes made to keep the speed and experience similar.

Sessions are 15-20 minutes in duration across the day. This is track specific, as each racetrack has different timings dependant on noise restrictions, hire agreements etc.

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Starter Group (Red)

The Red Group is for riders that are new to ride days or new to a particular racetrack. The Red Group aims to offer confidence so that no-one feels intimidated or threatened, in such a new environment.

Red Group Rules: Only overtaking a rider on the outside in corners, will be permitted. No undertaking in corners, or coming up the inside of a rider when they are committed to a turn. This assists new riders to focus on their riding and their lines, and not be concerned about those behind them.

Intermediate Group (Green)

The Green Group is for the road rider with some ride day experience who is now familiar with how ride days work, and have some more pace on the track now.

Green Group Rules: Only overtaking a rider on the outside in corners, will be permitted. No undertaking in corners, or coming up the inside of a rider when they are committed to a turn. This assists new riders to focus on their riding and their lines, and not be concerned about those behind them

Intermediate-Fast Group (Blue)

The Blue Group is for the experienced rider with pace on a ride day, who would prefer no overtaking rules. Faster than the green group, it offers the opportunity to overtake on the inside of corners, with caution and respect.

Fast Group (Yellow)

The Yellow Group is for the very experienced rider with pace and consistency. It is the fastest group, offering speed and enjoyment whilst maintaining safety and respect. It is a ride day, not a race practice day.


Champion’s Ride Days track days take place in most weather conditions – rain, wind and sun.

In very rare cases, if track officials deem the track dangerous due to flooding and/or debris on the circuit, or extreme heat/ fire risk, the ride day may be cancelled. In this situation, your booking will transferred to another date or you can hold a credit in the system for 12 months.

Track regulations will instruct whether slick tyres can be used in damp conditions. Champion’s Ride Days has tyre changing facilities at the track, as well as a full range of treaded and slick tyres to choose from.


Yellow Flag

This is a cautionary flag.

There are many reasons for a Yellow flag, it could be there is debris on the circuit, a rider has pulled off to the side, wildlife, mechanical failure, weather issue, etc. There is to be no overtaking under a yellow flag. Slow down, have a look around to see why the yellow flag is being displayed. Once past the issue, if the next flag point does not have any flags showing, then you are right to resume speed.

Red Flag

This is the most important flag! The Red flag means the session has been stopped and you are required to exit the circuit straight away. You will see red flags at all flag points, you need to slow down and look around. Don’t jump on your brakes, just take it easy. Raise your hand or kick a boot off your peg so the rider behind you knows you have seen the flag.

Slow down as there is potentially a bike down somewhere on the track, debris on the circuit, or fluid that can be slipper. Complete your current lap, as quickly and safely as possible, and head into the pits for further advice.


Black Flag

The Black Flag is a safety flag. There is something wrong with you, your riding or your bike. If a situation develops that requires a rider return to the pits ASAP we will wave a black flag and point at the particular rider.

Once you have come in please ride down to the Control Point, and they will discuss with you the issue at hand. It could be your leathers are not done up correctly, something is loose or flapping on your bike, or you are not riding to the conditions of the ,for example.

Chequered Flag

The Chequered Flag means end of session. All riders are expected to complete their current lap and move into the pits, so that the next group can proceed onto the track.

The chequered flag is followed up with red flags at the next flag points to remind riders to return to the pits.

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Incidents on Track

Champion’s Ride Days do everything possible to reduce the chance of incidents. If you see an accident on the track, please do NOT stop on track to assist the rider. Unlike on the road, Champion’s have qualified Flag Marshals at various points on track to facilitate your safety on the day. The Flag Marshals can assess, notify, alert and monitor all accidents and conditions to ensure safety and effective running of the day.

Champion’s Ride Days have a recovery vehicle to pick up crashed and broken-down bikes to minimize any risks around the track. Stopping of the session for a brief period of time guarantees everyone’s safety, and a fun track day for all.

If you do crash your bike, and want to ride again throughout the day, you must have your bike re-checked through scrutineering before re-entering the circuit. Failure to do so will result in immediate cancellation of your day.

Medical Support

Champion’s Ride Days always have professional and reliable medical support available at all tracks. With constant radio contact with the Flag Marshals they are immediately responsive to any necessary incident.

Your Personal Responsibility

It is your personal responsibility to ensure you come to the track in good time and not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance, as this can impact your ability to operate the motorbike and respond with alertness on the circuit. It is your responsibility to offer your fellow riders the respect they are offering you.
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