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Noise Testing is a requirement of Motorcycling Vic at all Broadford events.
Please see below for more info:

Noise Testing Explained

Tyres FAQ

How do I know if my tyres are worn?

All tyres have “wear indicators” that demonstrate the wear on the tyre. Where it is difficult, is when your tyres are worn in the middle and not on the edges, or more on one side than the other. In any case, a ride day will push your tyres and bike more than any other riding you do. Your tyres are the only thing connecting you with the track, and giving you the feedback you need, to keep it upright!

Without an adequate, consistent grip level your day can be affected by (1) getting no feedback from the tyres (2) not being able to get on the gas as early out of the turns (3) Affecting your enjoyment on the day and lastly (4) you may have an incident:(

What are the best Pressures?

The pressures you ride on the road are different to on the track, so adjust them accordingly. Click to see the Manufacturers suggestions

Everyone rides with different tyres. Always check what are appropriate pressures when you arrive at the track at the Tyre facility. Ideally it is suggested to always use the same tyre pressure gauge, so you have reliable measurements. We sell them at the track from $25.00!

Can I ride with a plug in my tyre?

No it is not recommended on the track. The pace and heat that your tyres experience on the track, don’t make a plug safe. It is best to replace the tyre for your ride day

Will my tyres pass Scrutineering?

If they have good tread, not past the wear indicators, do not have a plug in them, and have even wear….then it sounds like they will be fine. Champion’s have a full range of tyres available at the track, if you need tyres on the day.

How much are your tyres at the track?

Click here to check out our Tyre Price List

How much to change a tyre?

  • If you bring up the rim, the tyre change price is $25.00 per tyre
  • If you bring in the bike, the tyre change price is $40.00 per tyre


Intro Sessions

We look forward to seeing you at The Bend for your INTRO SESSIONS!! Please see below for all the info you need!

Have a great time and enjoy your Intro Sessions!

Fill out your Online Waiver here – no more paperwork, just fill this out before your ride!

Track Map – you will be riding the International Circuit (4.95km 18 corners)

Hire Gear – it is essential to have full leathers (1 piece or 2-piece that zip all the way round), motorcycle boots, gloves and helmet, if you need something just hire it and enjoy the ride!

Photos: Grab a photo package, and see yourself on track…only $55.00!


Please read below for timings of your morning:

Have you got a mate that:

  • Would love the track!!
  • You have wanted to join you for ages!!
  • Is keen but cautious??
  • Is a tight-arse?

Well Bring a Mate for FREE month is JULY!!!  BOOK HERE!!

Book yourself in & your MATE can come for FREE!! BOOK HERE!!

Limited Spots and Terms and Conditions apply.

  1. Must be Pre-Booked online
  2. Must be NEW to ride days and the track
  3. NEVER ridden with Champs before!
  4. Must go in Red (Starter) group to commence the day
  5. All the usual requirements for a ride day are needed ie full leathers & safety gear, bike must pass scrutineering, MA licence

Click video below!




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