Safety Points We Check

  1. * Good tyres, no punctures, no plugs, not past the wear indicators. Please refer to our Dunlop Tyre Facility page also.
  2. * Brakes are checked for wear, leaks and servicing
  3. * Suspension, chain tension, throttle return and levers checked
  4. * Track-worthiness – that nothing is leaking or falling off the bike
  5. * You do not need to remove coolant
  6. * You do not need to lock wire anything
  7. * Remove all gear racks, sacks or panniers
  8. * Nothing needs to be taped up (except mirrors)
  9. * Turn your mirrors in (or tape them) so you dont look at them whilst riding
  10. * If riding with a GoPro it must be attached to the bike with a secondary tether, so it does not leave your bike if the bracket breaks. Cameras cannot be fitted to riders or helmets.


Riding Gear

Leathers are mandatory for your safety.

One or two piece leathers (that zip together right around)  are required. You can hire a Kit including Berik leathers, Berik gloves and boots & Shark Helmet for only $75 for the day, if required. Full length motorcycle boots and leather gloves plus helmets with Aus Standards, ECE, Snell or DOT stickers are required.

All your gear will be checked to ensure it is safe for the track. If you need hire gear click here for more information.

NO desert boots, sneakers, motocross or short gloves, open faced helmets, draggin jeans or Kevlar gear allowed. 

Please remove all gear racks, sacks and panniers. Plus, turn your mirrors inwards/ or tape them up.

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Scrutineering can check many things, but not everything!
It is important to have a track-worthy bike when you come to the circuit.
  • If you have recently serviced your own bike, check that the sump plugs, filters etc have all been tightened correctly
  • Have your brakes, brake lines and master cylinder been checked?
  • Have you checked your service history lately?
  • Have your tyres done a lot of kms commuting? Need tyres?

Your bike doesn’t need to be registered, but needs to be track-worthy.

Other things that can be checked are:

  • Suspension travel – rebound and sag
  • Levers and pegs in the right position
  • Fluids ie brake fluid
  • Chain tension
  • Sprockets & gearing suitable for the track

“How good is this!! Why didn’t I do it sooner?? Champion’s made it so easy and fun. Thanks guys. I will be back!”

John, CBR1000RR

Ride Day Packages

Champion’s Ride Days offers a variety of awesome packages to be sure you get the best track experience possible!

Whether you want to hire a bike, ride more, include gear, be treated like a VIP….we have you covered. Check out the Packages today! Great for gift ideas too.

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Kawasaki Hire Bikes

The Champion’s Ride Days fleet of Kawasaki’s is the largest in Australia. Boasting the newly launched Ninja 400, Ninja ZX636 and Ninja ZX10 range, we have a bike for everyone’s needs.

All bikes are available at all tracks that Champion’s Ride Days have events. Offering different packages from just one session to double day Tours, come join in the fun!

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