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Champion’s Ride Days (CRD) is a rider training provider, with our Motorcycling Australia accredited coaches available to offer tuition at any ride day on the Champion’s calendar. CRD offers a professionally run rider training program developed to cater for social track day riders and racers who are keen to advance their riding to the next level in an enjoyable and qualified environment.

Gain confidence on the race track while also improving your skills. The most important part of the CRD tuition program is that the coaches work with you and not to a set course plan. It is flexible and unique to your skills and requirements, no matter your age, experience or type of bike.

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If you’re looking to enhance your riding, hone your skills, or just master that one corner you have always wanted at your favourite race track, then CRD Tuition is the course for you – available in different levels designed to meet all riding abilities and experience levels. The levels available at Champion’s Ride Days track events are as follows:

  • Track Day Fundamentals
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

CRD rider training is available at all track days run by Champion’s Ride Days and offers you a supportive and interactive learning environment with only small groups of riders at a price starting from $150.00 (plus your track day entry).

There is no better way to enjoy your bike as we start each and every day with a track walk followed by a program of personalised instruction to help make the most of your day. Small groups with helpful coaches are our specialty.

“Be Taught By Champions!”

Improve your riding skills, Enjoy your riding!!
Prices from $150 (plus your ride day spot)

Track Day Fundamentals

  • Is riding the track new to you? Or you haven’t done it for ages?
  • Keen to give it a go, but not sure where to start?
  • Want some tips to enjoy your ride day experience?

Then Track Day Fundamentals is for you! Offering you an introduction to the track, tips on the lines of the circuit, support on what to do and time to answer all your questions. Give it a go…no excuses now!

Level 1

Every rider in the world has to start somewhere, with the foundations of your riding technique proving vital as you gain experience both on the track and in the real world. In Level 1 we take an in-depth look at preparation for riding, setting goals, track etiquette, braking, shifting, and throttle control. Also gain a preview into the next level with a base guide for body position, key vision points and more.

Level 2

Build on your skills learned and step up to the next level, with Level 2 offering personalised tuition to help mould your style into the perfect option for you. Our coaches work with you to refine your body position, teach the effects of counter steering, assist your vision by helping you source reference points, focus on line selection and also offer bike set-up and suspension tips. Cap off the day with a detailed feedback session to see where you can continue to improve.

Level 3

After you have completed the previous steps, chances are that you’ll feel more comfortable with some techniques, than with others, and that’s why we have created Level 3 to offer a program dedicated to your particular needs. That’s right, this level is all about what YOU want and need, whether it is any of the topics taught in the opening two levels, or even a more thorough racing program if you’re looking to hit the race track.

Your wish is our command.

“Learning is in the Journey….not in the Destination”

Give it a go and see for yourself!


All of our coaches are MA accredited and have many years of experience in both riding and coaching. We pride ourselves on having the ability to share our knowledge and experience to enhance your learning experience, counting on a set curriculum that has been developed with the assistance of general street riders and professional racers.


The cost of our programs starts at $150 on top of your ride day entry fee, offering a professional rider training course with one of the most personalised approaches in the business.

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