Your Ride Day

It can be very daunting arriving at the track for your first ride day. Lucky we’ve got an easy-to-follow checklist below for you to remember what to do first thing!

Bring to the track: 

  • * Your Motorbike
  • * Helmet
  • * Leathers, Boots & Gloves (see Scrutineering Requirements)
  • * Completed Online Waiver – Email to show at Sign On
  • * Motorcycling Australia Licence – One-Day Recreational Licences available for purchase on the day


Additional items to consider:

  • * Spare Fuel can
  • * Compression wear and socks
  • * Food and Drinks available at the track, or bring your own water, snacks
  • * Chair to relax between sessions
  • * Small tool kit for adjustments, if necessary

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Plan Your Morning, No Stress Here!!

From 7.00am – Gates Open

From 7.30am – Sign On and Scrutineering Open

From 8.40am – Riders Briefing (some tracks 9.00am)

In more detail….

Sign On Process:

    • First, make your way to the Sign-On Office with your Pre-Approval Waiver email and licence in hand.
    • Complete Online Waiver here!
    • One of our lovely staff members will give you an ID wristband which must be left on at all times (it will be white) as well as a coloured one to indicate your graded group. This will loop through the white armband so it can poke through your glove for easy visibility on the dummy grid.
    • The graded groups are reasonably flexible and numbers-permitting, you’re welcome to change throughout the day

Pit Garages:

  • Next you’ll find yourself a spot in the pits/garages (track dependent) and set up your bike ready for the day.
  • Please note: If you are participating in Track Day Tuition, or if you have a Kawasaki Hire Bike, you will be required to pit in a separate VIP area.


Riders Briefing:

  • At 8.40am (9.00am at some racetracks) the compulsory Rider’s Briefing will start – if you have any questions at all, this is the time to ask.
  • After the Rider’s Briefing there is a separate briefing for all new riders. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions and review all the information given to be sure it all makes sense.
  • Then you will be ready for some track time!!

Plus view the Champion’s Ride Days Info Flyer for more details.

“Really wasn’t sure if it was for me, but I was wrong! Best way to spend the day and enjoy my bike, just tops!”

Bevan, Ninja ZX9R

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