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Who we are

We love to ride! Champion’s Ride Days wants everyone to love their bike and enjoy it to the max. The best way to do this is on the track. For 17 years, we have provided professional, safe and fun ride days for bike enthusiasts across Australia. Just turn your mirrors in and you are on the track! No speed cameras, trucks, driveways or dogs here!

What we do

Champion’s Ride Days is owner-operated, so we thrive on making sure everyone has a blast. Whether it is your first time, or you are a ‘ride day junkie’ Champion’s offers you a range of services and support to make your day awesome. These services are there to maximise your day, so add some bonuses to your experience!

Track Day Tuition is a professionally run rider training program developed to cater for anyone who is keen to advance their riding to the next level in an enjoyable and qualified environment. Gain confidence on the race track while also improving your skills. The most important part of the CRD tuition program is that the coaches work with you and not to a set course plan. It is flexible and unique to your skills and requirements, no matter your age, experience or type of bike.

Safety gear is a must, so if you need it, you can hire from our new Berik range of leathers, boots & gloves, and Shark helmets.

Travelling or need a bike? Our fleet of Kawasaki hire bikes are a great option. Built for the track, you get all your fuel, tyres, pit garage, plus someone to assist you throughout the day…. feel like a real Racer.

Tyres are the one thing that give your grip and confidence on the track, don’t compromise. Our Dunlop tyre facility is well-recognised and known for affordable, applicable tyres for the track and road. Ask our team for advice on pressures and rubber, to enhance your track experience.

Plus don’t miss the opportunity to share your memories with friends and family with our exclusive On-track photography. Get priority service when you pre-purchase your package, and have your photo via drop-box within 24 hours of your ride day, then Facebook, Instagram and Tweet your ride day fun #champsride

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