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Graded Sessionssafety-first

Riders will be graded into sessions to ensure the safety and fun of all riders. The pace and ability of the riders will be assessed throughout the day, and changes made at our discretion.

   Starter Group
  • New or limited ride day participants. This group ensures that no-one will be intimidated or feel threatened. Only overtaking on the outside will be permitted, no undertaking in corners
   Intermediate Group
  • Standard rider with ride day experience who can keep a good pace on the track. Depending on the day, there can be 2 intermediate groups (Slow and Fast).
   Advanced/Race Group
  • Experienced ride day participants and current racers.


Sessions are 15-20 minutes in duration across the day. For no reason will Champion's Ride Days exceed the track limits. This ensures your safety and enjoyment!


Wet Weather

Champion's Ride Days track days will take place rain, hail or shine. Recent track regulation changes mean that ride days are held in wet weather.

In very rare cases, if track officials deem the track dangerous due to flooding and/or debris on the circuit, it may be cancelled, and your booking transferred to another date. (Credit will be held in the system for 12 months)

Track regulations will instruct whether slick tyres can be used in damp conditions. Champion's Ride Days has no control over this, but will have tyre changing facilities at the track.




Yellow Flag

This is a cautionary flag. SLOW DOWN! NO OVERTAKING! There is a rider broken down, or there has been mechanical failure, and this can lead to debris on the track. There is to be no overtaking under a yellow flag under ANY circumstances, failure will result in a warning being issued for the first time, and your removal from the track for the second.


Red Flag

This is the most important flag! The session has been stopped and you are required to exit the circuit straight away. YOu will see red flags at all flag points, slow down, look around. Don't jump on your brakes, just take it easy. Raise your hand or kick a boot off your peg so the rider behind you knows you have seen the flag. Slow down as there is potentially a bike down somewhere on the track, debris on the circuit, or fluid that can be slippery, Complete your current lap, and head into the pit for further advice.


Black Flag

If a situation develops that requires a rider return to the pits ASAP we will wave a black flag and point at the particular rider, this will be done at the pit controllers' position on the straight. Once you have come in please ride down to the pit controller positio, and they will discuss with you the issue at hand.


Chequered Flag Flag

Quite simply, this flag signals the end of the current session, all riders are expected to complete their current lap and move into the pits so that the next group can proceed onto the track.



If you see an accident on the track DO NOT STOP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Qualified Flag Marshals control all the points on track and this will ensure your safety on the day. The Flag Marshals can assess, notify, alert and monitor all accidents and conditions to ensure safety and effective running of the day.

Champion's Ride Days will always pick up crashed and broken-down bikes to minimize any risks around the track. Stopping of the session for a brief period of time guarantees everyone's safety, and a fun track day for all.

If you do crash your bike, and want to ride again throughout the day, you must have your bike re-checked through scrutineering before re-entering the circuit. Failure to do so will result in immediate cancellation of your day.


Medical Support

Champion's Ride Days always has professional and reliable medical support available at all tracks. With constant radio contact with the Flag Marshals they are immediately responsive to any necessary incident.


Your Personal Responsibility

It is your personal responsibility to ensure you come to the track in good time and not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance, as this can impact your ability to operate the motorbike and respond with alertness on the circuit. It is your responsibility to offer your fellow riders the respect they are offering you.

If at any time Champion's Ride Days believes you to be under the influence and/or acting inappropriately they will ask you to leave the circuit, and your monies will be forfeited.