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Your bike will be checked for safety issues such as brakes, tyres and track-worthiness including

  • Good tyres, no punctures, no plugs, not past the wear indicators
  • Brakes are checked for wear, leaks and servicing
  • Suspension, chain tension, throttle return and levers checked
  • Track-worthiness – that nothing is leaking or falling off the bike

Leathers are mandatory for your safety. One or two piece leathers (that zip together right around)  are required. You can hire a Kit including Berik leathers, Berik gloves and  boots &  Shark Helmet for only $75 for the day, if required. Full length motorcycle boots and leather gloves plus Australian Standard Approved helmets are required. All your gear will be checked to ensure it is safe for the track. 

NO desert boots, sneakers, motocross or short gloves, open faced helmets, draggin jeans or Kevlar gear allowed. 

Please remove all gear racks, sacks and panniers. Plus, turn your mirrors inwards/ or tape them up.

LAKESIDE RACEWAY ONLY: The Noise level of your bike must meet the 95dB limit, which means ensuring your bike has a standard exhaust system or uses baffles/bungs in the exhaust to reduce the noise to below 95dB at full revs.