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Arriving at the Track

It can be very daunting arriving at the track for your first ride day. Lucky we've got an easy-to-follow checklist below for you to remember what to do first thing! (Printable Version Here)

You will need: 

  • Motorbike 
  • Helmet
  • Leathers, Boots & Gloves (see Scrutineer Requirements)
  • Indemnity Forms (additional form for QLD and Lakeside Raceways click here) Spare forms will be available on the day.
  • Motorcycling Australia Licence (excludes Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Raceway) One-Day-Recreational Licences available for purchase on the day - $30

 To Do:

  • Gates open at 7.30am. First, make your way to the sign-on office with your paperwork in hand. MAKE SURE TO SIGN BOTH SIDES OF YOUR FORM!
  • A Champion's Ride Days staff member will issue you with a white ID wristband which must be left on at all times, as well as a coloured wristband to indicate your graded group. This coloured wristband will loop through the white band and will poke out the top of your glove. The graded groups are reasonably flexible and numbers-permitting, you're welcome to change throughout the day.
  • Next, you can find yourself a spot in the pits/garages (track dependent) and set up your bike ready for the day. If you are participating in Track Day Tution, or if you are hiring one of our Kawasaki Bikes, you will be required to pit in a separate, VIP area.
  • You will then need to take your bike and helmet through scrutineering to ensure you're all set for the day. See Scrutineering Requirements.
  • At 9.00am the compulsory Rider's Briefing will start - if you have any questions at all, this is the time to ask. Make sure you pay attention! 

Flow of Your Day (please note, these are approximate timings)

7:30am Gates Open (Sign-On & Scrutineering Commences)
9:00am Compulsory Riders Briefing
9:15am Sessions Begin
12:30pm Lunch Break
1:00pm Sessions Re-Commence
5.00pm End of Day (4.00pm for Lakeside & Wakefiled Park Raceways)