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Arriving at the Track

It's can be very daunting arriving at the track for your first ride day. Lucky we've got a easy-to-follow checklist below for you to remember what to do first thing! (Printable Version Here)

You will need: 

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Leathers, Boots & Gloves (see Scrutineer Requirements)
  • Indemnity Forms (additional form for QLD and Lakeside Raceways click here) We supply spare forms which are available on the day
  • Motorcycling Australia Annual Licence (excludes Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Raceway) (One-Day-Recreational Licences available for purchase on the day - $25)

 To Do:

  • First, make your way to the sign-on office with your paperwork in hand (or fill out the spare paperwork) MAKE SURE TO SIGN BOTH SIDES OF YOUR FORM!
  • One of our lovely staff members will give you an ID wristband which must be left on at all times (it will be black) as well as a coloured one to indicate your graded group. This will loop through the black armband and you will be required to poke it through your glove (if you've got long gloves - make sure to get a double-loop). The graded groups are reasonably flexible and numbers-permitting, you're welcome to change throughout the day
  • Next you'll find yourself a spot in the pits/garages (track dependent) and set up your bike ready for the day. If you are participating in Track Day Tution, or if you have a Honda Hire Bike, you will be required to pit in a separate, VIP area.
  • You will then need to take your bike and helmet through scrutineering to ensure you're all set for the day. See Scrutineering Requirements.
  • At 9.00am the compulsory Rider's Briefing will start - if you have any questions at all, this is the time to ask. Make sure you pay attention! 

Flow of Your Day (please note, these are approximate timings)

7:30am Gates open (Sign and Scrutineering commences)
9:00am Riders Briefing
9:15am Sessions begin
12:30pm Lunch Break
1:00pm Sessions re-commence
4.30pm End of the day(dependant on daylight saving time)